Holomophic foliations and complex dynamics

Special year in dynamical systems, Laboratoire CNRS J.-V. Poncelet
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11–15 June 2012, Poncelet Laboratory, Moscow, Russia

Theory of holomorphic foliations takes its origin in the study of the Hilbert 16-th problem concerning limit cycles of real planar polynomial vector fields: is it true that the number of limit cycles is bounded from above by a function of the degrees of its components? Now holomorphic foliations and complex dynamics are quickly developing areas on the crossing of several domains in mathematics, including dynamical systems, analysis, complex and Riemannian geometry, ergodic theory.

For example, both foliations and holomorphic dynamics arise in classification problems in complex geometry and in some problems of mathematical physics.

The conference is intended to put together specialists working in different aspects of holomorphic foliations and dynamics (analytic extension of holonomy, uniformization of leaves, complete vector fields, minimal sets, complex geometry, local complex dynamics, rational iterations) and their relation to mathemathical physics (Izing model). This would certainly enrich everybody.

Marco Brunella was an invited speaker of this conference. He was also invited to give a course during the Special Year on Dynamical Systems at the Poncelet Laboratory. We are very sad to inform you that he passed away in Rio-de-Janeiro in January 2012.

Here is a text of tribute to him written by one of his colleagues from Dijon.



Confirmed speakers

  • Gabriel Calsamiglia
  • Bertrand Deroin
  • Sorin Dumitrescu
  • Natalia Goncharuk
  • Adolfo Guillot
  • Yulij Ilyashenko
  • Natalia Medvedeva
  • Laurent Meersseman
  • Dmitry Novikov
  • Daniel Panazzolo
  • Julio Rebelo
  • Roland Roeder
  • Vladlen Timorin
  • Arsenii Shcherbakov
  • Ferran Valdez
  • Mikhail Verbitsky
  • Sergei Yakovenko

Organizing commitee

  • Alexey Glutsyuk
  • Yulij Ilyashenko
  • Bertrand Deroin
  • Julio Rebelo